- Enter product Key - Download and Install,Office setup

Microsoft Office is a bunch of many productive and user-friendly applications and server programs that are continuously targeting different choices, needs and versions. Office package from very starting of its launch has established itself as a development platform for productivity software. It provides a handy desktop solution for all sections and workgroups on the globe. Microsoft Office is also serves mobile users and web applications with Office Mobile and Office Online. Whether you have a Windows or Mac system, Office is sufficient enough to cater all kinds of platforms. You can download the desktop Office apps from, and the mobile apps from the App Store.

How to Buy Microsoft Office?

There are two basic modes by which anyone can get Office.

  • Online Mode of purchasing
  • Offline Mode of purchasing

How to buy MS Office offline?

Offline purchasing of Office package is not so difficult, follow some basic steps and you will get the Office setup kit.

  • Go to any nearby retail store.
  • Fetch desired Office package according to your need.
  • Buy it from there.
  • Make sure that you will get the CD case of that very CD which you have recently bought from a retail store and ensure that it holds a 25 digits alpha-numeric product key.
  • Keep this product key safe and secure for future.

How to Buy Online?

For purchasing Office package online, you need to go to the official website of the Microsoft office or browse

  • Firstly, you will have to create a Microsoft account.
  • If you already have an account on Office, sign in with your username and password and enter into the Office world.
  • Now, search for your desired office package.
  • When you find your Office package, select it to buy.
  • Click to Buy Now option.
  • It will push you on the payment page.
  • Make payment online by using your banking details.
  • Now, you have purchased Office setup.
  • Microsoft team sends you an email after the purchasing of Office package.
  • It consists of a 25 digits alpha-numeric product key.
  • Keep this product key safe for future use.
  • Move to the next step of Office setup.

How to Download Office Setup?

Download Office Setup

No need of any downloading, in case you have purchased Office package offline. In case, you purchased it online; you need to go through with the following steps.

  • Connect your system with the internet.
  • Now, open the browser and go to
  • Sign in to your Office account by inserting your username and password.
  • Click to sign in button to enter into Office environment.
  • It will send you on the Homepage of Office website.
  • Now, go to the product that you had bought online.
  • Select the product and click to download button.
  • It will prompt a new window on your screen which asks you to enter the product key.
  • Enter the 25 digits alpha-numeric product key that was mailed to you by the Office team. You can find it in the inbox of your email.
  • Now, click to Download Button.
  • It will start the downloading of office setup into your system.
  • You can allocate the memory location in your computer where you want to store this setup file.
  • By default, it will be saved in the Download section of your system.
  • It will take a few minutes to download, wait till it downloads.
  • Now, you are all set to Install Office setup in your system.

How to install Office setup?

There are two ways to install Office package in your system.

install Office setup

In case, you buy it offline.

  • Insert the CD/DVD that you get after the offline purchase of Office setup from a retail store into your system’s DVD player.
  • It will start the installation process.
  • Go through with the instruction that will appear at the different windows during the whole installation process.
  • Click to run and start the installation.
  • Read the terms and conditions of the license agreement of the Microsoft Office setup file.
  • Click to “I Agree” button to proceed to the next step.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions and click accordingly.
  • Click on finish to complete the installation.
  • Now, your system is equipped with Office setup.
  • Remove the DVD/CD from the system and restart the system.

In case, you buy Office product online.

Follow the given instruction to install Office setup in your system.

  • Go to the downloaded Office setup file. You can find it at the location where you have saved it during downloading of it or at the download section of the system where it is stored by default.
  • Double click on the setup file to start the installation process.
  • It will prompt a new small screen on your system.
  • Click on “run” option to start the installation.
  • Go through with the terms and conditions of the license agreement document of the Office setup file.
  • Click to “I Agree” option.
  • It will start the installation on your system.
  • Follow the different instructions carefully which will come on the screen at the different phases of the installation process and react accordingly.
  • End the installation by clicking on the “finish” button.
  • Now, your system is Office installed, you can now activate it.
  • Restart your system.

How to Activate Microsoft Office?

Activate Microsoft Office
  • Connect your system with the internet.
  • Now, move to the start menu of your Windows.
  • Go to all programs.
  • Move to Microsoft Office folder.
  • Click it to open.
  • Now, click on any application of Microsoft office like Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, etc.
  • It will prompt a new screen on your window that will ask to enter product key of Office package that you have purchased and installed in your system.
  • Enter the 25 digits alpha-numeric product key that you can find it in the inbox of your Email Id or at the case of the CD/DVD of the Office setup kit that you had purchased offline from any retail store.
  • Fill the required credentials, i.e. product key and move to the next step.
  • Now, you need to fill some basic information like your name, Email ID, etc.
  • Fill all the required credentials.
  • Click on “Activate Now” option.
  • Wait for few minutes as it will validate the filled credentials.
  • Now, your system is all set to use and you can enjoy the services of Microsoft Office.